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We are excited to announce that Twice is Nice will re-open to the public on Tuesday, May 26, from 10 AM-4 PM. We expect to be open our usual days, Monday-Saturday, going forward from then on. The hours are different than

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We are pleased to announce that volunteers will be staffing the back door of Twice is Nice from 9-4 for donation drop off beginning Saturday, May 16. Bring your clean and saleable, unbroken items to help us re-stock!

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Twice Is Nice Resale, in Jefferson, Wis., offers an enjoyable and money-saving shopping experience! Open six days a week from 9-5, our store has an extensive selection of clothing, furniture, collectibles, books and games, sporting and household goods at astoundingly low prices. Our store cycles through 1000s of items each week. Come in and take a look!

Our clothing department is seasonal for fall-winter and spring-summer. Ask about a seasonal changeover (happening each August and March). KNow that your purchases go to support the ministry of Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills)

Stop in and shop, bring your donations, think about volunteering! Our volunteers and our customers are THE best!

Twice is Nice interior pano

4 days ago

Twice is Nice

This charming 3 piece mirror, pitcher, basin set is available now ...

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5 days ago

Twice is Nice

Added to floor yesterday ...

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6 days ago

Twice is Nice

It’s July! Customers have been asking and here it is ...

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